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A while ago, I threatened to post this script, and then it slipped my mind, mostly because I switched to Gyazmail. At any rate, one of the most frustrating things about to me was having to get out the mouse to switch between the inboxes of my various email accounts, especially once I got Mail Act-On working so nicely.

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A few posts (and many weeks) ago, I alluded to my hope of coming up with a decent way to integrate free tagging (folksonomy), Drupal, and xmlrpc. I looked into trying to extend the existing blogapi module to fit my needs, but discovered that it isn't simple to over-ride core functions in Drupal. Essentially, one must copy the entire module from core to the local modules directory and hack on it. Less than ideal, and not too many people are going to want to mess with it.

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I've made a few improvements to my Drupal blogging client, first spoken about here. It now has the ability to publish and unpublish posts, delete posts, and create and edit free tags (folksonomy). The free tagging feature requires a module that I've packaged up for parsing tags in the post body - just waiting on permission from the author of the sample code I modified before posting that. Hopefully it'll be coming soon!

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This is the first of a series of at least two posts about how I've configured the excellent Gnu Screen to fit my needs and make me more productive.

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Ugly regex:

grep '\(^\|[^0-9]\)\{1\}\([345]\{1\}[0-9]\{3\}\|6011\)\{1\}[-]\?[0-9]\{4\}[-]\?\
       [0-9]\{2\}[-]\?[0-9]\{2\}-\?[0-9]\{1,4\}\($\|[^0-9]\)\{1\}' filename
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So, we are finally getting closer to the long-awaited post (ha!) about posting to drupal from vim. I've been having a lot of fun making this plug-in suit my needs, and making it truly easy to post. Python hasn't been too hard to learn - vim scripting is truly a weird, weird language.

Anyway, here is a (very) rough draft of the plugin. If you want to use it, place it in your ~/.vim/plugin/ directory. You will need to apply add1sun's patch from to make the blog API work basically at all, and you'll need my patch from for file/image uploads to work. Tagging isn't working quite right yet - I made kind of a hacky patch, but I think I'm going to have to re-think my approach and make a module for that...

quick usage summary:

  • :ListPosts 5 will display a (extremely) minimal browser with the 5 most recent posts. (You can modify the number of posts to suit, or leave it off, and it will get the 10 most recent posts)

Paying Uncle Sam

05 Apr 2008
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Well, I'm working on taxes today, so "normal" posting will resume later. Planning a write-up on my improvements to the Vim blogging client I posted about earlier... (tags are working as you can see!)

This is a test entry

04 Apr 2008
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I'm posting this from vim with a plugin taken from If you can read this, it's working ;-)
Update: My modifications are coming along - the following image was uploaded from Vim...

more testing