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While I was working on a website migration for work, I found myself wanting a way to preserve formatting without keeping really poorly formatted html. (probably made by Word, a lot of blockquotes instead of list tags, etc.)

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So, MacOS offers some emacs key bindings through-out the OS. Great, you say -
but I use vi, and I don't want to waste years of muscle memory! (This makes you
a big geek, by the way - I've come to terms with it...) So, you have two options
- you can:

a) Install viAllOver and hack on
it till it more or less works the way you expect and then realize that it still
doesn't work for Safari textfields, and that this is less than ideal when you're
starting a blog... (this method also requires run-on sentences, apparently.)

growl NotifySystem6

08 Mar 2008
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So, I got somewhat bored and a little nostalgic last week, and decided to
fake up a System 6 theme for growl. I really wanted the old icon that had
a head with a speech bubble, but couldn't find it online...

I'll upload it to resexcellence once they get their new site up and running,
but in the meantime you can grab it from here. You'll also need the Chicago

more on gyazmail

07 Mar 2008
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Anyway, it's been a while since the previous post, but luckily, I have no

I have been very pleased with gyazmail in the time I've been trying it out,
and have gone ahead and bought it. At only 18 bills, it's probably one of
the times I've been happiest to pay for software ever. I'm all for the free
option, especially if it's open source, but there just isn't a client out
there that is as easy for me to use, and at least more or less keep up with
the flood of email there is to deal with.

The biggest reason is that I never have to take my hands off the keyboard -

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I may have found what is, for me, the ultimate OS X mail client. My requirements are thus:

1. Don't make me use the mouse every other second!
2. Decent IMAP support.
3. good keyboard capability/customizability. (I might have already said something to
that effect)
4. Vi key bindings in the compose window, for preference.
5. Did I mention that I like to use the keyboard?