Full integration of mutt and the OS X Addressbook

22 Mar 2009

Posted by acrollet
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So, my experiments with mutt continue. Incidentally, if you think that I'm crazy for using a cli email client in this day and age... Well, you're probably right. However, I'm crazy, but not alone, as the dearth of great email clients for Mac OS X is something that's been written about a lot. Anyway, that's a short way of saying that I think that mutt+"a whole bunch of utilities to add functionality to it" is a (at least somewhat) reasonable solution, given the alternatives.

Anyway, linsec.ca has probably the most info there is in one place on integrating mutt with OS X. I really like that lbdb gives me the capability to search the OS X addressbook, but I also wanted to the ability to add addresses directly from mutt. A little bit of dirty hackery with bash and osascript later, I have a working solution. This script assumes a working lbdb install, but beyond that, all you need to do is add the following line to your ~/.muttrc and place the attached script in your ~/bin directory. Then, press 'A' on any message in mutt. The script will search for an existing record with the same name, and add the address to that, or create a new record if necessary. You will also be prompted to pick a label from those currently in use in your addressbook.

  1. macro index,pager A "<pipe-message>/opt/local/bin/lbdb-fetchaddr -x from -d ''<return><shell-escape>$HOME/bin/add_address.sh<return>" "add the sender address to os x addressbook"


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