Inline tags module for Drupal 6.x

06 Jun 2008

Posted by acrollet

A few posts (and many weeks) ago, I alluded to my hope of coming up with a decent way to integrate free tagging (folksonomy), Drupal, and xmlrpc. I looked into trying to extend the existing blogapi module to fit my needs, but discovered that it isn't simple to over-ride core functions in Drupal. Essentially, one must copy the entire module from core to the local modules directory and hack on it. Less than ideal, and not too many people are going to want to mess with it.

So, I had fairly well given up on the notion, when I ran across an excellent post on This fellow came up with the solution *and* coded it, all in one go - gotta love the interwebs. Basically, he coded a filter for Drupal whereby any tags wrapped in the appropriate markup and placed in the body of a node will be extracted from the body and added to the free tagging vocabulary of one's choosing. The format looks like this:

[tags]drupal, php, free tagging, xmlrpc[/tags]

This makes it childishly simple to add free tags to a drupal post with any xmlrpc client - just put them in the body, and away you go! I also modified my vim xmlrpc client to pull any existing tags and place them in the body when editing an already-extant post. (more to follow on that later)

I went ahead and wrapped his sample code into a functioning module for drupal 6.x, along with an admin interface to configure the vocabulary and node types to enable. In addition, it's possible to choose whether inline tags replace or are added to existing tags when editing a post. It made a pretty fun project, the drupal framework is actually pretty easy to add on to once you've gotten the hang of how it all fits together.

The module is available at Installation instructions are also available in the documentation linked from that page. I hope some people will find this useful...

Since I don't seem to be able to make a post without a screenshot, here's one of the admin interface:

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