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07 Mar 2008

Posted by acrollet

Anyway, it's been a while since the previous post, but luckily, I have no

I have been very pleased with gyazmail in the time I've been trying it out,
and have gone ahead and bought it. At only 18 bills, it's probably one of
the times I've been happiest to pay for software ever. I'm all for the free
option, especially if it's open source, but there just isn't a client out
there that is as easy for me to use, and at least more or less keep up with
the flood of email there is to deal with.

The biggest reason is that I never have to take my hands off the keyboard -
the only widget I've found that isn't tabbable and has no keyboard shortcut
is the select menu for a message search. Message filing is super-speedy - I
don't like filing new mail into folders, because the end result is that I
never see it. However, gyazmail will let you set up filters to be applyed
manually. So, I set up my filters, and then just hit the keystroke of my choice
when I'm done looking at a message. Bam!

The default font for most views is inexplicably set to Helvetica, but a quick
change to Lucida Grande leaves it as pretty and easy to read as

As I mentioned before, viAllOver works, so the muscle memory of years isn't all
for naught when I'm writing longer emails.

My only real wishes are for greater applescript support, (so I could script
replying to messages and adding the necessary cc's and reply-to's for work)
and collapsible/highlighted threads. It does have threaded view, but just
works by indenting messages that are in a thread. The last mentioned is the
only real win I see for, because one should be able to write an
applescript to do what I mentioned, but can't, because there are too many bugs
in Apple's implementation. (You can reply to a message, but it won't pass back
a reference to the message you just created - nice.)


You have at least one reader. I really like Gyazail, too. I'm using it in Leopard instead of Mail. It seems to work more nicely with IMAP than Mail does. My main wish will sound trivial, but I wish I could get rid of the "account/signature chooser" section of the Composer window. I'm only using one account, and I don't use signatures, so it's just wasted space for me.


> My main wish will sound trivial, but I wish I could get rid of the "account/signature chooser" section

will you shush please? this is one super cool feature and of the reasons I use Gyazail. You can not only define multiple identities for the same mailbox (, It's also detected to which of these IDs the message was sent choosing automatically the correct "from" adress when replying to the original sender.
Don't take that away from me please (dramatic gesture)!


Sorry, I didn't mean "get rid of it completely for everyone". I can see the usefulness of it. I just think it would be cool if it were automatically hidden in cases like mine where, you know, *there's nothing to choose*. :)


never knew my post would spark such a debate!

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