Adrian Rollett bio photo By Adrian Rollett

I appreciate good tools wherever I find them - whether they be software, rhetorical, or physical. We ran across a Perfex pepper mill at Sur La Table several weeks ago, and instantly fell in love. Compact and dense, with a little door to load peppercorns without any dissasembly - perfect! Only one problem - good luck finding one for less than seventy bucks... Cheap as I am, this was a problem.

After a little sleuthing on ebay, I found a mill in somewhat less than perfect condition, but at just over twenty bucks shipped, I had to pull the trigger. I haven’t regretted it for a second, because it is not the most beautiful specimen, but after a little bit of TLC, it is great at its job.

as it came.

the logo - this company has been making these to the same design for over 50 years. (according to the infallible interweb)

the internal machinery after a good cleaning - love that burr grinder.

the final product - does a great job!