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While it is essential that everyone undergo a colon cleanse program to clean out their bodies the junk that has accumulated in their colon, you may need to initially determine how often you will need to do this routine at first and when you will need to do it again in the coming months or years to help keep your colon clean.

Usually, when you are someone who is older and who has not done a colon cleanse program ever in your life, you will need to start off with cleaning out your colon at least once every two to three months. After you find that your stools are back to normal or are no longer filled with junk, you can then minimize the number of times you need to do this in a year.

You will need to do the colon cleanse program you choose to do frequently and regularly for the next couple of years or so until your system is thoroughly cleansed of all the possible dirt and residue in it.

Once most of these harmful toxins are removed from your body, you will then need to do a maintenance cleaning of your colon at least once a year. This maintenance procedure for keeping your colons clean can only be done however if you have maintained a healthier lifestyle and if you have learned to eat better and more natural foods. While you need not totally eliminate all of your favorite foods that may cause toxins to build up again in your system, you can however minimize their intake by only eating them occasionally.