Drupal BlogAPI client - new version

Adrian Rollett bio photo By Adrian Rollett


Thanks to a suggestion on an earlier post, I decided to extend the infamous VIM blogging client to all content types. It now comes with the capability to edit pages and stories by default, and it’s easily extendible to other content types. (though you’re restricted to editing the title and body, it won’t do custom fields!) I suppose this would make the version number something like 0.03-rc2? Here’s the (by now) de rigeur screenshot:

You’ll need to apply my patch from http://drupal.org/node/243907 to make file/image uploads work.

To use it, just download the file below, edit it to add your username, password, and URL, and place it in ~/.vim/plugin. (or wherever else you prefer)

Please leave a comment if you end up using this - it’s really the only thing that encourages me to continue development!

Amazing! Last task is to push the patch to Drupal7 and hopefully to D6 as a bugfix. I will try that later.

Thank you very much, this is amazing :)