MacVim + ODBInputManager == happiness

08 Mar 2008

Posted by acrollet

So, MacOS offers some emacs key bindings through-out the OS. Great, you say -
but I use vi, and I don't want to waste years of muscle memory! (This makes you
a big geek, by the way - I've come to terms with it...) So, you have two options
- you can:

a) Install viAllOver and hack on
it till it more or less works the way you expect and then realize that it still
doesn't work for Safari textfields, and that this is less than ideal when you're
starting a blog... (this method also requires run-on sentences, apparently.)

b) Install MacVim, and the ODBInputManager plugin.
Now, you can just select 'Edit in MacVim' from the Edit menu, (or of course a configurable
keyboard shortcut) and have the text you're editing instantly pop up in MacVim. Edit to
your heart's content, and just save and close the document when you're done. It pops right
up in whatever app you were using before. Bliss...

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